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Eliana Cordero



So you've made it this far! (To wedding planning AND my About Me page. Woop woop!) Your interest in getting to know me is a sign that we'll be a great match. It's my ultimate goal to work with couples I can vibe with on a level that's both professional and personal, so getting to know each other is a must!

A bit about me...


I'm Eliana—owner, editor and lead shooter at Story Pop. When I'm not doing something wedding related, I'm usually doing life with my family, which consists of two little humans, a pocket bully and a husband who is not really my husband. (See home page lol)

I'm beyond happy that my work has led you this far and that you may be considering me for your wedding needs. It never ceases to amaze me that I get to wake up every day and do something that I love, and it's because of couples like you that this dream continues to thrive. 


My adventure towards the wedding industry began four years ago, shortly after my decision to leave a job I was pretty terrible at, to pursue a more creative career. Photography was my first love, but then came filmmaking, which felt like more of a challenge and something I NEEDED to pursue. I shot my first wedding knowing nothing about videography and immediately fell in love with every aspect. For the past few years I've worked with some amazing photographers, collaborating with them on beautiful keepsakes for beautiful couples, and for the most part it's been a great experience. But I've come to realize that I crave more creative freedom at weddings and have been itching to take photographs again. I made a decision (quite recently) to transition from a film-focused company to a photo + film team, because I'm passionate about both forms of art and documentation. I care deeply about capturing important moments from your day, whether it's snapshots of your grandmother tearing up from her seat at your ceremony or your fiancé's reaction when seeing you for the first time. Love stories are nothing short of amazing and it takes a certain kind of person to convey them authentically. 

I'm grateful for your appreciation of the time and skill it takes to craft a wedding collection in general, but more importantly, one that is uniquely you. Your story, your personalities, your hard work, YOUR big day. Attention to these details is everything, and it's my goal to help you relive your favorite memories through the art of photography and film.

I hope to be an exciting addition to your vendor list, because the couples I work with are more than just clients to me. After a wedding I spend countless hours reviewing the moments I captured, laughing and crying at every heartfelt moment, deeply considering your story, who you are, and how you'll want to remember this day. I hope to connect on a more personal level, to uncover what's important to you, and to create keepsakes you'll view over and over again in the years to come. 

I'd love to tell you more, or better yet hear about YOU and your upcoming wedding! Head on over to my contact page and let's get acquainted!

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