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Q. What exactly would our RAW footage include?

A. Your RAW footage file would include a chronological compilation of every single video clip we recorded on your wedding day. These clips range in length from 10 seconds to a minute long. When put together, the experience of watching this footage is similar to an old school wedding video! Nothing is uncut, so you're able to view every moment from your day. Every word, every joke, every tear, dance, blooper and more. Unless requested otherwise, we leave nothing out! 

Q. How do you choose the music for our cinematic film? Can we request a song?

A. We like to choose music that we feel best represents the energy of your wedding day. If it was a lively, fun day we typically choose fun, upbeat music to match the footage. If it was an intimate, emotional day, we lean towards slow and sweet music. If you request a specific style, we can absolutely honor that request as long as you're able to find a copyright free song that we can legally use. 

Q. How does the booking process go? Would the total need to be paid upfront?

A. A 25% retainer is required to secure your date. The remaining balance would not be due until 1 month prior to your wedding date.

Q. How do you deliver films?

A. We send a total of two files (your cinematic film and RAW Footage file) in a Dropbox folder through a link via email. You are able to download both files directly from the folder to any computer or device, or transfer the files to your own personal Dropbox folder. (We can help you create one if needed!)


Q. How do you work with photographers?


A. We work extremely well with photographers! We love meeting new people and see it as an opportunity to collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. We respect them, their jobs, and their teams just as much as we do our own. And on your wedding day, we like to think that we're all one team with the same goal. To document and capture what will be one of the most special days of your lives!

Q. What is the average turnaround time for your films? 

A. We guarantee a 90 day delivery in our service agreements, however the average turnaround time for our films ranges between 30 and 45 days. 


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